Can I try a surfski?

Yes! WE have demo's available in the Gorge, and we also have various options around the country.

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Do you sell used boats?

Yes, periodically we sell used boats.

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Does color add weight to a boat?

Yes, the more colors you use, the heavier your boat will turn out. Also note that brighter colors are lighter.

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Does my boat come with a cover?

Certain construction / layups include a cover, however you can always add on a cover to more

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What does my new surfski come with?

Our stock surfski’s come with a full carbon footrest and adjustable neoprene pull strap. Side handles on both sides of the cockpit, a carbon surf rudder and a carbon wave deflector. Read on for further details.

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Where are you based?

Nelo USA HQ is in the Gorge, WA.

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Which size surfski is best for me?

Nelo has 3 volume sizes which correspond to your body weight. Please read on to find out more.

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What can I expect in the custom order process?

We will work with you to get your custom designed Nelo ordered.

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Do you ship?

Yes! We receive regular shipments throughout the year, and can distribute throughout the US and Hawaii.

Can I pick up my boat locally?

Yes, our warehouse is in Carson, WA, and pick-up is available by appointment.

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