Which size surfski is best for me?

Nelo has 3 sizes - ML (paddler weight up to 75kg / 165lbs), L (75-90kg / 165-200lbs) and XXL (over 90kg / 200lbs). If you are right between sizes, then we encourage you to size up, especially if you are paddling mostly in wavy conditions. The ML has a shorter leg length, whereas the L and XXL have the same leg length. Depending on the model, the leg length on the ML is 0.79 - 0.99m / 30.3 - 38.98 inches, and the L / XXL is 0.9 - 1.07m / 35.4 - 42 inches. However, please check the model specs on our our website for each model's info. The XXL does have a slightly wider cockpit than the L (by around 1cm) and the same goes for the L to the ML. Each model is slightly different, please check out the model's specifications on our website.

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